Book Cover of Tales of a Light Warrior by Christina Raju
Christina Raju - Author
The story of Tales of a Light Warrior with a white owl and a white snake

Life is but a dream. Those whose eyes are closed must obey what’s written. Those that are born dreamers make the world listen.

Welcome to the realm of darkness where the Light hides beyond the ancient door, guarded for centuries only for those that deserve its glory. But is it worth it? Or should you embrace the dark life, as most do?

Well, not everyone. You can follow Star, the one who has chosen her name and with it her fate. An orphan without a past, she is determined to find the most sovereign beam that can save everyone from the endless night and help to find her parents.

Accompanied by a snake and an owl, she wanders deeper into the unpredictable desert, where soon, she faces the most dangerous creation, creeping from the shadows, that defines whether she’s worthy of her new beginning.

Christina Raju - Author